The community Health Nursing Education program for females was introduced in the health system by MoPh in 2011, in order to address the lack of nurses in Afghanistan, the program has played a vital role in increasing the reproductive health service in the county. The goal of CHNE program is to graduated female health workers and the aimed to contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity caused by common and communicable disease. Part of BPHS, OCCD implemented CHNE school in Baghlan province. In total 24 community nurse trained and employed in remote HFs over the life of project. The program started on 2015 and completed on 2018. OCCD offered high quality teaching by using up-to-date national CHNE standards endorsed by the MOPH and Accreditation Board (AMNEAB).

BPHS HFs selected as practical site for the students and the students used different type of HFs (PH, DH, CHC and BHC). 24 non-resident students were accommodated in the hostel.

CHNE Binding Assessment Score sheet in Baghlan province.

section areas number of Standard number of standard observed Number of standard achieved % of standards achieved
1 Organization and Governance 8 8 8 88 %
2 Infrastructure and resource 11 11 10 91%
3 Curriculum 14 14 14 100 %
4 Faculty 9 9 9 100 %
5 Students and Graduates 9 9 9 100 %
Total 51 51 49 96 %