Community midwifery Education Programs have been implemented to address the shortage of female health providers. These are academic program implemented based on community needs. CME is a 24-months training. The students recruited who are from the location where maternal services is inadequate. Upon graduating the students will return to their own community once they are graduated.

Through the SEHAT II projects OCCD as a sub consultant started the implementation of CME School with partnership of BDN with commencement of BPHS in 2015 and it will be completed on 2018.   In total 24 female students are under the training and they will be received 24 months standard training. OCCD is offering high quality teaching by using up to date national CME standards endorsed by the MoPH.

With considering the selection criteria, first of all the steering committee was established with close coordination of MoPH at provincial level and the member of committees were selected from the following government and not government of departments.

  1. MoPH
  2. Women affairs department
  3. Provincial console
  4. Health Education
  5. Representative of provincial governor
  6. BPHS implementer


The program announcement was conducted through all Baghlan HFs, MoPH and provincial health office (PHO) and the eligible candidate’s application were collected. The candidates shortlisted by steering committee and the entry exam date were specified. Among 110 candidates 86 were shortlisted and 24 students succeeded and enrolled in first batch of Baghlan CME School.

Based on CME requirements and academic calendar, we were able to cover the first phase models. The practical sites were selected with close coordination of MoPH, BPHS implementer.