Through the BPHS project in Sarepul, OCCD disseminated health messages throughout the FM Radio. The project commenced with the beginning of BPHS through the SEHAT 1 project in Sarepul in 2014 and ended   in December 2016. The health messages broadcasted through the local FM Radio which was covered the whole districts and center of the province. To get effective and efficient result from the program, the golden time were scheduled for broadcasting the   health messages.

The key messages were on the following topics:

  1. Family Planning;
  2. Exclusive Breastfeeding;
  3. Reproductive Health;
  4. Health Care Seeking Behavior;
  5. Immunization;
  6. Preventable diseases;
  7. Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases;
  8. Personal and Environmental Hygiene;
  9. Risks on Tobacco Use.