OCCD implemented CME and CHNE Schools in Saripul province through the SEHAT 1 project. In total 24 community nurses and 24 community midwives trained and employed in remote HFs over the life of the project. OCCD offered high quality teaching by using up to date national CHNE and CME standards endorsed by the MOPH. Ghzanfar Institute of Health Science (GIHS) and Afghan Midwifery and Nursing Education and Accreditation Board (AMNEAB) assessed the schools during the project period.  The project duration was 28 months including three months of preparation, 24 months of training and one month for close out. OCCD followed up the certain criteria for selecting the candidates which was approved by MOPH. One of the main challenge for health service provider in Saripul Province, was lack or shortage of female health worker and it was hard to find a qualified female trainer and in spit these challenge OCCD enabled to find and hired expert and professional trainer from the adjacent provinces. To encourage and increase the work productivities of these trainers, OCCD provided accommodation  and other  living facility .Some of the BPHS HFs was selected as practical sites for the students and they would be allowed to intermittently do their practical work in these health facilities . The students were using different type of HFs (PH-DH-CHC and BHC) for their practical work and OCCD facilitated this process in spite of security problem in some district of Province. The students carried out the practical work under the direct supervision of medical doctors and senior nurses and midwives.

OCCD carried out both training programs in close collaboration related institution such as Ghzanfar Institute of Health Sciences (GIHS) and Afghanistan Midwifery and Nursing Education and Accreditation Board (AMNEAB). In order to conduct the school assessment on regular base and consider the timeline we had regular meeting with AMNEAB and submited the assessment application on due to date.

30 students lived in hostel and OCCD provide accommodation and other living condition facilities for these non-resident students. The student hostel furnished with required equipment based on school standard and regular transportation provided for their transfer between the school and hostel.


OCCD developed a comprehensive deployment plan in close coordination of PPHD and PHO in Saripul and upon completion of the program the students were deployed in the remote health facilities which suffering from long-run shortage of local female health worker.

  1. Dissemination of Health Messages: Through the BPHS project in Sarepul, OCCD disseminated health messages throughout the FM Radio. The project commenced with the beginning of SEHAT 1 project in Sarepul in 2014 and ended in December 2016. The health messages broadcasted through the local FM Radio which was covered the whole districts and center of the province. To get effective and efficient result from the program, the golden time were scheduled for broadcasting the   health messages. The key messages were on the following topics; a) Family Planning; b) Exclusive Breastfeeding; c) Reproductive Health; d) Health Care Seeking Behaviour; e) Immunization; f) Preventable diseases; g) Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases; h) Personal and Environmental Hygiene; and i) Risks on Tobacco