BPHS Implementation SEHAT I in Saripul Province as a partner with BDN:

OCCD implemented the Basic Package of Health Service (BPHS) project under System Enhancement for Health Action and Transition (SEHAT-I) contracted by the ministry of public health and funded by Word Bank (WB) with partnership of BDN in Saripul province. The project started in January 2014 and ended in December 2016. Under this project OCCD carried out the following assignments:

Community midwifery Education (CME) Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE);

For successful implementation of the project, as a first step we got community support through awareness of community members, especially the community elders and decision makers about the program. We have provided culturally appropriate messages to communicate the facts about maternal health in Afghanistan and the need for more skilled birth attendances in accordance with MOPH guidelines documents. The messages communicated with the community through the BPHS HFs, District Health Councils, Village Health Committees and community Health workers.

Totally 48 female students graduated from CHNE and CME schools at the end of 2016. The project was jointly implemented by OCCD as a partner with BDN as lead. The CME and CHNE schools addressed the lack for nurses and midwives in Sarepul by educating and graduating female health workers from the communities they live in and enabling them to provide professional care to individuals, families and communities. Upon graduation, the nurses and midwives employed in the HFs in remote districts where they were from. The CME and CHNE schools implemented part of BPHS project in Saipul province and this project implemented in close collaboration with GIHS and Afghanistan Midwifery and Nursing Education and Accreditation Board (AMNEAB)

OCCD honor for successful implementation of this project through a hard-working team in the highly insecure province of Saripul. To be eligible for accreditation the schools should score more than 85% score in all of the five areas (Schools standards in 5 areas). This was the first batch for the nursing school and 5 batch for CME School which was completed in this province.  Both schools accredited by the AMNEAB and OCCD received an appreciation certificates at the end of each schools by provincial governor office.  The schools scored 97% and 90% in the final assessment (Binding assessment) carried out by AMNEAB.

Dissemination of Health Messages:

Through the BPHS project in Sarepul, OCCD disseminated health messages throughout the FM Radio. The project commenced with the beginning of BPHS through the SEHAT 1 project in Sarepul in 2014 and ended   in December 2016. The health messages broadcasted through the local FM Radio which was covered the whole districts and center of the province. To get effective and efficient result from the program, the golden time were scheduled for broadcasting the   health messages.

The key messages were on the following topics:

  1. Family Planning
  2. Nutrition
  3. Exclusive Breastfeeding
  4. Reproductive Health
  5. Health Care Seeking Behavior;
  6. Immunization
  7. Preventable diseases
  8. Communicable (Malaria, HIV, Hepatitis, TB) and Non-Communicable Diseases
  9. Personal and Environmental Hygiene
  10. Risks on Tobacco Use