About OCCD Organization

OCCD, established and registered with the Ministry of Economy in 2013 with number of 3032, is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and independent organization. OCCD has a board of trustee (BOT) which is comprised of volunteer members who are working outside the organization. They govern the overall organization and oversee if the organization is on the track of its vision, mission and the strategy. The Managing Director of the organization is selected by BOT. Daily management of organization is the responsibility of management team which is formed by the directors of relevant departments. They are competent persons having vast experience of management and leadership in international organizations and UN agencies. At the field level, the Project Management Team, directed by the Project Manager, is responsible for proper implementation of projects. The technical team of Kabul Main Office provide support, monitor and control the project field staffs and make sure that the project objectives are achieved with accepted standards.


Communities and individuals at the gross root level are so informed and empowered that effectively influence the implementation and sustainability of development projects.


To serve individuals and families in the communities, build capacities of human resources and provide health services in real sense that enable communities and civilians to have vibrant, advanced, developed and self-esteemed societies.

The aim of OCCD is to transfer the experience and expertise from international organizations to Afghan institutions in order to ensure the sustainability of efforts have so far made to improve the health of Afghans and to provide more opportunities for Afghans to use their full potential in humanitarian and development activities. OCCD works in partnership with government, development and implementing partners in the following four directions:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Agriculture and Livestock
  4. Research and Development