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Community Based Health Care Activities

OCCD as a community- based development organization has successful experience of implementing Community Based Health Care program as integral part of Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in several part of Afghanistan. As a national NGO, OCCD remained closer to the community, worked with them and provided timely response to their needs and obtained their trust. This has further enhanced the organization’s capacity to work in challengeable areas.

Capacity Building

To develop the capacity of health care providers and Afghan professionals by conducting long and short term training courses and workshops. OCCD efforts were also focused on building the capacity of health staffs to improve the quality of primary health care. To process the training TNA was conducted at the beginning of year and based on that a comprehensive CSKT plan developed to implement during the year. A total 90 training sessions will be conducted and 3771 health workers (male and female will be received the training and project team are committed to implement the SCKT plan based on project work plan. These training and capacity building activities have a great impact on performance of health workers and health facilities to achieve the project goals and objectives.