Knowledge has a beginning but no end

Geeta Iyengar

OCCD is proud to introduce trained and professional vaccinators to the medical community, a group of fresh and motivated vaccinators has passed their final exam and are ready to continue the journey with a strong will.

Photo credit: OCCD/2021/Tamim. during the final exam of the central region.

Graduation Ceremony

After the success of the final exam, a graduation ceremony was held in honor of all the efforts and dedication of vaccinators showed during this program, the ceremony was attendant by National EPI Directorate, World Health Organization representatives, OCCD, and students themselves.

Photo credit: OCCD/2021/Sameer. Dr. Ghulam Dastagir “Nazari” speech on the importance of this program and its success.

Video credit: OCCD/media/2021. a glimpse of the ceremony