OCCD contributes to rehabilitation and support for the most vulnerable individuals or families affected by Natural Disaster, This time with the support of GNI-A, OCCD was able to help 45 Families affected by flood in Kohband District of Kapisa Province by providing them with:

Photo credit: OCCD/Sameer Zamiry. distribution event of shelter and solar materials for victims of recent floods in kohband district of Kapisa province
  • House rehabilitation materials (Doors, Windows, Wooden-beams, and Basic construction tools).
  • Solar Powered Lamp Kits for HHs (high-efficiency solar panel + battery capable of 4 solar, bulbs, weather-resistant for sun and rain, AC charging options).
  • Rehabilitation of a Small Bridge (Rehabilitation of a small bridge connecting communities with a school with more than 600 children, teachers, and school management, which is also used by more than 1900 community members for cross-movement across a seasonal river)
Photo credit: OCCD/Sameer Zamiry. Inauguration of the bridge with local and governmental authorities

Photo credit: OCCD/Sameer Zamiry. Bridge near school for commuting

  • Rapid Technical Assessment of Sustainable Water Source for the affected population (in coordination with the local government, the initial technical assessment will be conducted of a potential water pipe scheme for the flood-affected communities, which will make the basis for a possible future WASH program in the community).
Photo credit: OCCD/Sameer Zamiry. OCCD and GNI management team was appreciated by district’s authority
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